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step: 1 By writing in English language you can translate easily

step: 2 You can save the content in a document file by copying it to the phone or desktop

step: 3 Textbox anything Show the written left corner letter and word

step: 4 You can remove all text using the ResetButton

step: 5 you can typing in 22+ langauges.

Here Some Common Word In Daily Routing Write In Russian language

English to convert: Russian language
How Are You Как вы
Good morning Доброе утро
Are You Fine Вы в порядке
Hope you are doing well. Надеюсь у тебя все хорошо.
No thanks Нет, спасибо
Thank You Спасибо
It's Ok Ничего страшного
Bless you! Будьте здоровы!
let's do it! давай сделаем это!
Just let it go. Просто отпусти.