Chinese Voice Typing | Chinese (中文) Speech To Text

Note: Click on the Mic icon and Start Speak.

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How to Convert Chinese (中文) Voice Typing

Using this steps to convert Chinese (中文) voice into text.

step: 1 Chinese speech to text convert click microphone icon on textarea and start speaking as long as you like.

step: 2 You can also use a keyboard to add special words and add text anything in your native language also correct copywriting.

step: 3 Finally speaking Microphone after stop and then result to print copy or email.


step: 1 Gives good performance in low noise.

step: 2 Also Without log-in you convert any languages as well free

step: 3 Supportd all languages to Like Italian, Chinese, Hindi, French, Indonesian, Arabic, Malay, German and more.

Here Some Common Word In Daily Routing Write In Chinese language

English to convert: Chinese language
How Are You 你好吗
Good morning 早上好
Are You Fine 你还好吗
Hope you are doing well. 希望你一切顺利。
No thanks 不,谢谢
Thank You 谢谢
It's Ok 没关系
Bless you! 祝福你!
let's do it! 我们开始做吧!
Just let it go. 放手吧。