Indonesian Voice Typing | Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia) Speech To Text

Note: Click on the Mic icon and Start Speak.

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How to Convert Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia) voice typing

Using this steps to convert Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia) voice into text.

step: 1 Indonesian speech to text convert click microphone icon on textarea and start speaking as long as you like.

step: 2 You can also use a keyboard to add special words and add text anything in your native language also correct copywriting.

step: 3 Finally speaking Microphone after stop and then result to print copy or email.


step: 1 Gives good performance in low noise.

step: 2 Also Without log-in you convert any languages as well free

step: 3 Supportd all languages to Like Italian, Chinese, Hindi, French, Indonesian, Arabic, Malay, German and more.

Here Some Common Word In Daily Routing Write In Indonesian language

English to convert: Indonesian language
How Are You Apa kabarmu
Good morning Selamat pagi
Are You Fine Apakah kamu baik-baik saja
Hope you are doing well. Semoga Anda baik-baik saja.
No thanks Tidak, terima kasih
Thank You Terima kasih
It's Ok Tidak apa-apa
Bless you! Diberkatilah Anda!
let's do it! Ayo lakukan!
Just let it go. Biarkan saja.